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November 2019

ICBC Minor Injury Caps – What you Need to Know

The NDP government introduced legislation that caps (limits) compensation payable by ICBC for pain and suffering for “minor injuries” suffered in motor vehicle accidents occurring on and after April 1, 2019. An injury will be defined as a “minor injury” if: It is included in the list of prescribed injuries; and It does not result…

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Injured Claimant At Fault for Rear End Accident – Appeal Dismissed

In the usual course, a driver who rear-ends another vehicle will be found at fault for the accident. It is only in exceptional circumstances that the driver who was rear ended will be liable such as when he/she made a sudden, unexpected and unexplained stop. In Bains v. Chatakanonda 2018 BCSC 2412, the claimant was…

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