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Automated Vehicle Laws

Driverless Shuttle to Service Toronto

Autonomous vehicle service will begin in Scarborough’s Rouge Hill By September, 2020. Bus accident injuries are rare compared to other modes of transportation so expanding bus service could reduce auto accident injuries. Mayor John Tory announced that ambassadors likely transit employees, would be on board assisting the public. The automated shuttle for 8-12 citizens are…

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Self Driving Fleets Open Cities to the Disabled

A door-to-door self driving service for people with disabilities would be welcomed by many in BC. The NDP left out stable funding for HanyDART in their last budget and have done nothing to support self driving fleet technology. Current taxi service is expensive and only accessible to those with benefits or private funding. Driverless door-to-door…

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Automated Truck Fleets Change the Rules

Long-haul drivers have special licencing and restrictions on road time. However autonomous trucks are driverless and eliminate the need for human occupant training or time restrictions. Highway safety will therefore change given that 1 in 5 road fatalities involve large commercial vehicles. Daimler Trucks announced on May 28, 2019 it plans to have highly automated…

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Autonomous Vehicles and ICBC

The future of autonomous vehicles is becoming a real, even for ICBC. General Motors announced on May 8, 2019 plans to create a test track for autonomous vehicles in Ontario. This means the loss of 2,300 jobs. However, the autonomous vehicle facility will employ 300 skilled workers in Ontario. GM Canada president and managing director…

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Autonomous Ride Sharing Fleets

Public transit is the safest mode of transportation in Canada carrying over 2 billion passengers per year. Fully automated trains and bus networks are the future of safe public transportation in the Lower Mainland. However, autonomous fleets, such as Waymo, may have already hastened in a new era. An era of driverless ride sharing. Fleet…

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Suing the Driverless Car

Canadians are starting to purchase vehicles that claim to reduce the burden of driving. Tesla claims to be selling, for example, vehicles with “full self-driving capability”. In addition, Tesla claims the Model 3 will recognize and respond to traffic lights and stop signs providing automatic driving on city streets. In the small print Tesla, However,…

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