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Inadequate Ladder and Supervision

Written by Ms. Jacqueline A. Small, B.A. LL.B. – A property owner owes a duty of care to workers carrying out construction work on the business or home. Home and business owners could be responsible for injuries suffered by workers not protected from risks and hazards. This includes falling injuries and slip and fall. Occupier’s Liability…

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Restaurant Liability for a Slip and Fall

Written by Jacqueline A. Small, B.A. LL.B Restaurant liability for customer injuries can result in significant money awards. Failure to provide warning signs can result in monetary compensation to the injured. Poor maintenance will also expose the restaurant owner to liability. A restaurant owes a duty to take reasonable care that customers on its premises…

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$150,000.00 Pain and Suffering for Somatic Symptom Disorder

Written by Ms. Jacqueline A. Small, B.A. LL.B In this personal injury case the ICBC injury claimant was rear-ended while stopped for traffic on the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver (Verjee v. Dunbrak 2019 BCSC 1696). At trial, the injury claimant argued that the motor vehicle accident caused her to suffer from ongoing chronic pain in…

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ICBC Surveillance of Injury Claimants

Surveillance is one of the main tools ICBC uses to investigate ICBC injury claims. While some level of investigation is important to verify ICBC injury claims, in reality ICBC often uses surveillance to uncover evidence to discredit injured claimants and attack their claims. To this end, ICBC routinely hires private investigators to follow and videotape…

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Failure to Wear a Seatbelt Results in 25% Reduction

This personal injury taxi passenger was accused of failing to wear a seatbelt, resulting in his own injury. The collision occurred while the claimant was a passenger in a taxi at 12th Avenue near Larch Street in Vancouver. The claimant admitted he was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the car accident, even…

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$100,000 Pain and Suffering for Rear End Soft Tissue Injuries

This ICBC injury claimant was rear-ended in 4 motor vehicle accidents within a 2 year period. The first whiplash injury occurred at the intersection of Lougheed Highway and 207th Street in Maple Ridge. She gave evidence that funding requests had been sent to ICBC for treatment but no funding was approved. The second accident occurred…

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ICBC Mediation and Future Settlements

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, insures all guilty BC drivers. ICBC also insures the injured claimant for purposes of ICBC accident injury benefits. The result is a mandatory state controlled insurance scheme. By law, ICBC has the monopoly on third party liability auto insurance. So it can be difficult to achieve a fair…

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Driverless Shuttle to Service Toronto

Autonomous vehicle service will begin in Scarborough’s Rouge Hill By September, 2020. Bus accident injuries are rare compared to other modes of transportation so expanding bus service could reduce auto accident injuries. Mayor John Tory announced that ambassadors likely transit employees, would be on board assisting the public. The automated shuttle for 8-12 citizens are…

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