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Chronic Pain Syndrome

When Rejecting an ICBC Offer is Reasonable

The Supreme Court has confirmed that it is not unreasonable for a car accident claimant to reject an ICBC offer if the medical evidence supports a claim of chronic pain not recognized in the offer (Bains v. Antle, 2017 BCSC 590).  This claimant was awarded only $37,800 by a jury but was still awarded her court costs by the…

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Causation Conflated with Mitigation in Chronic Pain Case

  A principal issue in this car accident injury appeal was whether the trial judge erred in finding that the claimant had failed to mitigate.  The symptoms of chronic pain having been conclusively established by the finding of causation, ICBC failed to prove that she had failed to mitigate her injuries (Park v. Targonski,2017 BCCA 134). The court…

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$75,000 for Chronic Injuries to Neck and Shoulder

  A money award after a car accident or fall is meant to provide some solace to an innocent victim of personal injury. Some injuries are not amenable to treatment or complete recovery, such as chronic pain syndrome, and victims will have to suffer pain for the rest of their lives. In today’s ICBC case example…

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Pain and Suffering Award of $95,000 for Moderate Pain Disorder

This ICBC claimant was injured in a rear ender when driving on Boundary Road in Vancouver. When traffic came to a stop the claimant was rearended by a pick-up truck pushing her car about two car lengths into a van that had previously stopped in front of her. Immediately she experienced pain in her right leg, left…

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$120,000 2x for Pain, Suffering and Future Income Loss

Two motor vehicle accidents are treated as one ICBC injury claim in today’s personal injury case review. In the first car accident the claimant was rear ended by a vehicle travelling at approximately 60 km/h at King George Highway and Highway #10 located in Surrey, British Columbia. The claimant’s vehicle was damaged and written off…

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Prior ICBC Settlement not Deducted from Injury Award

Should a prior ICBC Settlement amount be deducted from a second and new car accident injury claim? We answer this question in today’s a motor vehicle accident case review. This personal injury case involves  a chronic pain claimant with a prior accident she settled with ICBC for $153,300 plus case expenses (the “Settlement”).  Should the claimant be awarded a global amount…

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$75,000 Pain and Suffering Award for Aggravation of Prior Condition

In this personal injury case the claimant was injured in two car accidents and claimed to have suffered a chronic pain syndrome.  The judge found the medical expert opinion evidence presented to be highly unsatisfactory. Therefore judge Saunders was not persuaded that there was a “but for” causative link between either of the subject accidents and…

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$135,000 Pain and Suffering Award for Somatic Symptom Disorder with Chronic Pain

This whiplash injury claimant was injured at a deli in Langley, British Columbia and claims damages for pain and suffering; Past loss of earning capacity; Loss of future earning capacity; Cost of future care; and Special damages She was a customer standing in the store when a vehicle crashed into it. The claimant was pushed into the wall of the deli,…

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Injury Victim Failed to to Use Antidepressant Medication and Loses 50% of Claim

In an understated but significant reduction in the injury award Judge Verhoeven made the following comment about the failure to use antidepressant medication, In this modern age such treatment does not have the stigma it once did, and I find that her refusal to take treatment is unreasonable and the defendant should not have to…

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Egg Shell Personality Psychiatric Injury Claims

When it comes to psychological injury and psychiatric injury claims after a car accident a vulnerability to injury is not required if the emotional injury is proven as being caused by the collision. However, alternative but equally acceptable is the “egg shell personality” approach for individuals that may have suffered from prior psychological conditions in remission. One…

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