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Head Injury

Brain Injury Case Appeal Dismissed as Fact Driven

A car accident injury claimant is entitled to appeal a Supreme Court decision to the Court of Appeal. However, as shown in our case study, absent a palpable and overriding error affecting the trial judge’s assessment of the facts, the Appeal Court will not interfere with a finding of fact or an inference based on those facts.…

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First Steps to Brain Injury Recovery Following a Car Accident

Brain injury following a car accident needs to be documented and treated for the greatest chance of a person being put back in the position they were in before the injury. Here are three important steps to take if you have suffered a brain injury in a car accident: Brain Injury Management Plan In the First…

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Avoid Becoming a Hired Gun- Brain Injury Opinion Rejected Again

Doctors and therapists that want to avoid earning the label of “hired gun” should: (1) limit the amount of work they do for one insurance company; (2) keep up to date with changes in medical research; (3)avoid unnecessarily criticizing medical colleagues without adequate justification; and (4) diagnose a condition in the same way they would…

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$175,000 Pain and Suffering Award for MTBI and Somatoform Disorder

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) is often hotly contested by ICBC and other insurance companies after a car accident. In this case the judge accepted the diagnosis. She had the benefit of hearing from two neurologists who had conflicting opinions on whether or not the claimant suffered a MTBI. The defence neurology expert, Dr. Rehan Dost, was…

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$175,000 Pain and Suffering Award for Brain Injury with Normal MRI

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) can be difficult to diagnose after car accident. The Insurance Corporation of BC generally refuses to accept the existence of a MTBI and will fight these claims to the end. In this case ICBC hired Dr. Rehan Dost, Neurology. Dr. Dost was eager to assist the court in assessing the credibility of the claimant…

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Metal Pole to the Head Lands $297,000 Award for Inner Ear Injury

Fueled by a drunken rage, the defendant drove over to the claimant’s house in Mission B.C. armed with a metal pole intent on inflicting grievous bodily harm. The claimant said that the truck came bouncing down the driveway towards the house with its horn honking. A fight ensued in which the claimant suffered a serious blow to…

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$160,000 Pain and Suffering for Mild Complicated Brain Injury

  Mild traumatic brain injury, MTBI, is often difficult to diagnose and as a result insurance companies like ICBC often refuse to pay proper compensation for this injury without judicial determination. In the following personal injury claim the Court acknowledges that patients who sustain complicated MTBIs generally exhibit long term or residual symptoms that often affect…

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Maximum Injury Award for Pain and Suffering $351,000

The question in this personal injury case was whether the claimant should be awarded the maximum amount for pain and suffering, reserved for catastrophic injury, or at something lower.  On the evidence, the upper limit set by the Supreme Court of Canada, adjusted for inflation, was $351,000. This limit now applies to all ICBC personal…

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Traumatic Brain Injury Results in $2.5 Million Award for Teenager

This Car accident brain injury award for an 18 year old passenger (Hermanson v. Durkee, 2014 BCSC 877) arose from a single vehicle accident on a forest road in British Columbia. The vehicle left the road  which resulting  in the ICBC claimant suffering a severe traumatic brain injury and ruptured spleen. Because of the location of the motor vehicle accident there…

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Pedestrian in Crosswalk found 20% at Fault for her Brian Injury

In this crosswalk personal injury occurring in Port Coquitlam (Paskall v. Scheithauer,2014 BCCA 26) the jury found a pedestrian twenty percent fault for her fractured her skull and traumatic brain injury after attempting to cross at a  marked crosswalk. The verdict was upheld by the BC Court of Appeal despite the appellants plea that she was lawfully within a…

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