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ICBC Massage Therapy

ICBC Limits on Care Costs

ICBC will now focus on care not legal costs, but what does that mean? Starting April 1, 2019 ICBC is capping care costs for innocent car accident victims. Innocent motorists are therefore no longer able to claim the full cost for treatment after a car accident. As a result, necessary treatment costs above the treatment…

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$170,000 Pain and Suffering Award for Chronic Soft Tissue Pain

The injury claimant was stopped on Highway 1 at the Prest Road exit ramp when  a flatbed truck swerved and struck the left driver’s side of her vehicle. Shaken by the collision, at first the claimant took no notice of any injury. She then developed severe symptoms in the following days. The claimant was found…

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ICBC Massage Therapy Payments – A Primer for the Injured

Learn the basics about massage therapy coverage after a car accident in today’s article. Designed for ICBC claimants and massage therapists we discuss therapy payments for car accident related injuries in British Columbia. Massage Therapy- ICBC Benefits ICBC is only required to fund the first $23 of massage treatment performed by a Registered Massage Therapy. Most…

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Future Care Costs of $90,000 Set Aside

In a surprising personal injury claim decision the British Columbia Court of Appeal  has remitting the matter of cost of future care to the judge for a fresh determination. ICBC successfully challenged the awards for massage therapy and physiotherapy; Botox injections to the right shoulder; prescription for Nortriptyline; chiropractic treatment; and seasonal cleaning and gardening assistance (Johal…

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Classic ICBC Insurance Adjuster Excuses Generated in Car Accident Injury Claims

Some  Insurance Corporation of British Columbia adjusters are never short of excuses, generating excuses for late payment of benefits to victims of personal injury following car accidents, pedestrian accidents, hit and runs and the like. As a personal injury lawyer in BC injury claimant’s often call me to ask how to deal with the ICBC insurance adjuster after…

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ICBC Reaches New Low By Denying Infant $742.00 for Massage Therapy after Car Accident Injury

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, refused to accept the decision of a BC Supreme Court Judge and had to be told the obvious by the Court of Appeal of BC-Massage therapy after a car accident injury is a mandatory ICBC benefit (Raguin v. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, 2011 BCCA 482). The infant claimants were in…

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