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Medical Malpractice Cases

Injury Claimant did not Hire a Lawyer and has His Claim Dismissed on a Technicality

Ahmed v. Carrere, 2010 BCCA 409 Hiring  an affordable and competent injury lawyer is critical to the outcome of your case. The following case may never have gone to court had this injury claimant hired an injury lawyer and received proper legal advice.  The injury claimant appealed the order striking his lawsuit  but failed to file a proper…

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Help With My Personal Injury Claim for Pain and Suffering in British Columbia

November 29, 2012- ICBC car accident injury cases should always provide money for pain and suffering if the jury finds that the injury claimant cannot work.  Injury claimants without an injury lawyer may be unaware that they have a money claim for pain and suffering.

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Injury Claim Against Chiropractor Dismissed Despite Judge Finding No Informed Consent

  Kern v. Forest,  2010 BCSC 938 July 28, 2011-   The Claimant  saw her family doctor complaining of left shoulder pain. Her family doctor referred her for chiropractic treatment and she was treated by two chiropractors.  After the treatments, the Claimant was diagnosed with spinal cord compression, caused by a herniated cervical disc.  A neurosurgeon performed a discectomy and removed the…

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