Spinal Cord Injury

Train Owner Faulted for $2.4 Million Railway Crossing Injury

The injury claimant suffered a spinal cord injury and a traumatic brain injury  when a train owned by the Canadian National Railway, CNR,  struck her car as she crossed the railway tracks on Smith Crescent close to Glover Road in Langley, … Continue reading

Spinal Cord Injury Alleged from Seat Belt- Particulars Ordered

The injury claimant was a nine year old passenger sitting on the driver side rear seat of a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder when it was struck by another vehicle. As a result, the claimant sustained a near complete spinal cord transection resulting in … Continue reading

Future Care Injury Award Reduced for Public Funding

The amount awarded for cost of future care can be adjusted up or down to take into account the availability of other benefits. In this Court of Appeal decision the court reaffirms this principle as it relates to the likelihood of … Continue reading

$3 Million Award for Dirt Biker Injured by All-Terrain Vehicle

A claimant must prove three elements to win a personal injury case: (1) that the defendant owed him a duty of care, (2) that the defendant’s behaviour breached the standard of care, and (3) that the claimant suffered damage caused (in fact and … Continue reading

$300,000 Personal Injury Settlement Offer Rejected- $250,000 repayment Ordered

This personal injury claimant suffered soft tissue injuries in a car accident which developed into pain disorder. The issue at trial was the assessment of damages, and the first jury awarded her $528,000.00. This amount was overturned on appeal creating a … Continue reading

Settlement of Personal Injury Claim- “Urgency” for MRI Costs New Test?

This was an assessment of the costs  following the settlement of personal injury litigation. The only issue was the $2,000.00 cost of an  MRI of cervical and lumbar spine done privately.(Kumanan v. Achim,2013 BCSC 1867) The injury claimant was in … Continue reading

Advocate for Car Accident Spinal Injury Claimants- the Complications

  As a personal injury lawyer I have the  good fortune of having a Neurosurgeon as a father. Head of Neurosurgery for over a dozen years Dr. R.O. Holness explains in this exclusive video the complications from spinal cord injury due to motor … Continue reading

Do I have to sign ICBC medical consent forms? Medical Authorization and Consent Forms Explained

Although NOT required to be signed to get Accident Benefits after a car accident the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, will often ask the injury claimant to sign a medical consent form releasing medical information to ICBC. The standard ICBC authorization to … Continue reading

When to Hire a Lawyer for an ICBC Injury Claim

I have been hired as a personal injury lawyer for claimants dealing with ICBC at every different phase of a personal injury case: Immediately after the car accident, months after the injury, or even after the claimant has hired another … Continue reading

Spinal Cord Injury Car Accident Claimants Alerted to Name Change

The  British Columbia Paraplegic Association has changed it’s name and is now officially called Spinal Cord Injury BC (SCI BC).  SCI BC  helps people with spinal cord injury and their families by providing information and community support after car accident injuries … Continue reading