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Wrongful Death

Shot Dead on Grizzly Bear Hunt and Signed Release no Bar to Claim

The deceased was shot and killed accidentally by a guide near Burns Lake, British Columbia while participating in a grizzly bear hunt. This is the wrongful death claim of the widow. At issue was a release of liability sign by the deceased for the hunting season the year before the hunt in which he was killed.(Cooper v. Blackwell,2017…

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Killed by Drunk Boyfriend but 20% at Fault for being Passenger

The claimants’ 26 year old daughter was killed in a horrific single car accident, when she was a passenger in a car driven by her live-in boyfriend, the defendant.  The boyfriend had been smoking marijuana, consuming a great deal of alcohol and driving with extreme recklessness. This claim was brought by the family under the Family Compensation…

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Cyclists Causing Personal Injury and Death Not Insured

If a pedestrian is hit by a British Columbia car, ICBC accident benefits can provide up to $150,000 in medical rehabilitation expenses and disability benefits of up to $300 per week. If the same pedestrian was hit by a bicycle, she would get nothing. The  Chinese tourist pedestrian killed by a cyclist in Stanley Park…

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Car Accident Award for Death of a Father Signals Change

The 3 year old claimant’s father was killed in a motor vehicle accident resulting in this Wrongful death award to daughter (Duncan v. Brown,2014 BCSC 153). Changes to the law now prevent ICBC and other insurance companies from avoiding a child’s claim for loss of dependency due to the existence of a step parent. The car…

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