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Motorcylist Injuried but No Contact with the Other Vehicle- Injury Claim Dismissed

  Tierney v. GMAC Leaseco Corporation, 2010 BCSC 1179 August 24, 2010- This rather unusual “no car accident” accident involved a personal injury claimant that fell from his motorcycle when attempting to avoid another vehicle. The injury claimant foolishly set out without a helmet.  The injury claimant was driving  a 1983 Yamaha 750 motorcycle and was…

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How Personal Injury Lawyers are Paid in British Columbia

November 22, 2011- Most injury claimants have never hired a personal injury lawyer before their car accident injury.  One of the most intimidating things about hiring an injury lawyer is the cost- How will you ever afford a lawyer? Well there are affordable ways personal injury lawyers will accept taking a case. Here are 3 options…

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Fight Your ICBC Claim With a Personal Injury Lawyer

  Your ICBC injury claim may be due to a car accident or you  may have been a pedestrian or a cyclist. ICBC is required to pay accident benefits, if your are an insured, whether they think you are all fault or not.  You do not need to find a personal injury lawyer if

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Settling Your ICBC Injury Claim Without a Lawyer

October 31, 2016- Not all injury claimants need an injury lawyer in order to settle their injury claim.  If your ICBC bodily injury adjuster has been cooperative in funding recommended treatment and you fully recover in 4 to 6 weeks there is usually no need to hire a personal injury lawyer. However, be careful that…

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Court Blames Injury Claimant for not Following Treatment Despite 72 Physiotherapy Visits

Schmidt v. Hawkins, 2010 BCSC 1154 August 17, 2010-  The claimant was driving her car between Sparwood and Invermere, British Columbia returning to Kamloops, British Columbia having attended a  birthday party in Sparwood. Just before the accident the injury Claimants’ vehicle was travelling at approximately 100 kilometres per hour. As claimant vehicle rounded a corner a…

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Injury Claimant awarded $62,000 despite other Driver ICBC statement Saying Accident not Very Severe

   Sandher v. Hogg, 2010 BCSC 1152 August 17, 2010-  The injury claimant  was operating a 2001 Honda Civic on King George Highway in British Columbia  when she was rear-ended by another vehicle. Before the impact she had slammed on her brakes because the vehicle in front of her had suddenly stopped. She also tensed prior…

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ICBC Allowed to Withdraw Their Agreement to Admit Fault

Gibson v. ICBC, 2010 BCSC 1097 August 16, 2010- This is a hit and run  motorcycle accident case that seems to have gone sideways in part because an anonymous tip was given over the “ICBC tip line” after the Judge heard the case. While riding his motorcycle late at night the injury claimant was struck from behind. …

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Injury Claimant Awarded $5.9 Million for Dance Club Injury-ICBC Only has to pay $10,000.00

Danicek v. Alexander Holburn Beaudin & Lang, 2010 BCSC 1111 August 13, 2010- In this case the injury claimant was a lawyer  involved in two accidents, a fall in a Vancouver nightclub, Bar None, and a motor vehicle accident that occurred one year later . The court found that the claimant suffered a mild traumatic brain…

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Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer In British Columbia

  Finding a personal injury lawyer in British Columbia can be confusing as their are so many directories and sites that just list car accident lawyers.  These directory sites do not vouch for the skills of the lawyer.  British Columbia Lawyers all have to have a licence to Practice law in the Province, that’s a…

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Injury Claimants’ ICBC Statement Not Inconsistent With Her Trial Testimony

Jones v. Ma, 2010 BCSC 1125  August 11, 2010- The motor vehicle accident that is the subject of this personal injury claim  occurred on Clarke Street in Port Moody, British Columbia. At that location, Clarke Street has two westbound lanes of traffic separated from the single eastbound lane by a double solid yellow line.  Just prior to the…

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