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ICBC Claims

MSP and PharmaNet History Printouts Not Required for ICBC Claim

It is not enough for ICBC  to simply plead a pre-existing condition in order to obtain a claimant’s medical history after a car accident. The obligation is still on the defendant, ICBC, to make the case in the evidence. Even with a prior auto accident, if the claimant recovered to normal function before the car accident in question,…

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Can ICBC Close My File?

No, ICBC cannot close your file. ICBC is governed by the protection of privacy legislation prohibiting indiscriminate destruction of personal information. If you have complied with the claim application process the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, typically has  30 to 60 days to pay the benefits.  Accident Benefits are payable by ICBC, in the case of weekly…

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When ICBC Injury Claimants go on Vacation

Going on a vacation after a car accident injury can change the direction of any ICBC injury claim.  Whether it is for Spring break, pre-planned vacation or other time off work, here are three important tips to for travelling ICBC injury claimants: Discuss Travel Plans with your Doctor Tell your family doctor and therapists about travel plans before…

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Stapley v. Hejslet used for $80,000 Stoic Soft Tissue Injury Award

This was an assessment of the claimant’s losses arising from a motor vehicle accident in Nanaimo. The claimant’s vehicle struck the other vehicle broadside, and he suffered multiple soft-tissue injuries in a very heavy collision. He was a stoic individual that did not like to complain about his injuries, which makes assessment difficult for the court. As…

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Prior ICBC Settlement not Deducted from Injury Award

Should a prior ICBC Settlement amount be deducted from a second and new car accident injury claim? We answer this question in today’s a motor vehicle accident case review. This personal injury case involves  a chronic pain claimant with a prior accident she settled with ICBC for $153,300 plus case expenses (the “Settlement”).  Should the claimant be awarded a global amount…

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ICBC Claims Made for the Injured

So much has been written about how to make an effective personal injury claim with ICBC, key steps to the claim are often overlooked.  Personal injury lawyers that have made hundreds or thousands of injury claims have the experiential knowledge to utilize three keys steps to starting any ICBC injury claim. Without effective advocacy for victims of personal injury…

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Define ICBC in British Columbia

ICBC stands for the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. The Provincially created auto insurance company responsible for providing mandatory third party liability coverage. ICBC is the largest crown corporation measured by revenue. The ICBC Board consists of at least three directors appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. The Lieutenant Governor in Council must also designate a…

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ICBC Must Pay Benefits Despite Prior Neck and Back Pain

This ICBC injury insurance Appeal case concerned the nature of the claim for injury benefits under Part 7 of the Insurance  Regulations and the interpretation of s. 96(f) of the Regulation when a claimant has a pre-existing condition . The case stands for the proposition that ICBC must prove that but for the pre-existing condition, the Claimant would not have become totally disabled(Kozhikhov…

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ICBC Claims Chart for Personal Injury

Seeking advice about the value of an ICBC claim? As a lawyer I am often asked whether there is list to go to find out how much a particular personal injury is worth. Essentially a list of body parts and corresponding compensation amounts for each area of the body. For example, $25,000 for whiplash to the…

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