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5 Things ICBC Does Not Want You to Know

For all you ICBC injury claimants, revealing and uncovering the truth about auto giant ICBC can be impossible when the “freedom of information” laws provide ICBC with legal shelter.  ICBC is a modern example of a  state-run auto insurance enterprise, part of the concept of a planned economy. Despite difficulty finding this information on the ICBC website…

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Reporting after a Car Accident

This is what you need to do for an accident in British Columbia, a province with an automobile compensation scheme different than any other legal jurisdiction in the world. We have a combined no fault and tort based system for automobile insurance and compensation. You will therefore be responsible for several deadlines in both claims. For ICBC accident benefits…

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Hit and Run Claim Wins With no Sign Posted

After being injured in a hit and run car accident a claimant has an obligation to make best efforts to find the other driver in order to pursue a personal injury claim with ICBC. In this case ICBC suggested that had signs been posted leading up to the collision site commuters who travelled the route…

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ICBC Claims Made for the Injured

So much has been written about how to make an effective personal injury claim with ICBC, key steps to the claim are often overlooked.  Personal injury lawyers that have made hundreds or thousands of injury claims have the experiential knowledge to utilize three keys steps to starting any ICBC injury claim. Without effective advocacy for victims of personal injury…

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ICBC Dial a Claim Phone Number Used to Record Statements

After a car accident a phone call to the ICBC dial a claim number at 604-520-8222 or 1-800-910-4222 will result in an internal ICBC report being created called a CL-75. As displayed in the following case, these reports to ICBC can be used to impeach claimants and witnesses about the details of the accident. Watch our…

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ICBC Loses over a Glare of the Eye

Prior Consistent Statements are Admissible to Rebut ICBC Claims of Fabrication This incredible win by the injury claimant on appeal reaffirms the evidence rule that prior consistent statements of injury claimants are admissible to rebut an allegation of recent fabrication (T. v. ICBC et al, 2016 BCCA 373).  Prior consistent statements can include ICBC dial-a-claim reports, signed ICBC…

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Start Your Claim With ICBC for Personal Injury

Making an injury claim with ICBC, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, after a vehicle accident requires providing specific information and meeting certain deadlines. What you say to ICBC in the first 30 days can set the tone for how your injury case will be dealt with. How to start an injury claim with ICBC is made…

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What to Look After – a Car Accident in British Columbia

Acting correctly after a car accident can be difficult when your senses are not working properly. I have been a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver for over 20 years and I’d like to share with you 3 top things to do after a car accident in BC: First, seek medical attention – Triage by hospital staff will…

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Vancouver Car Accident Report to ICBC

Learn about reporting a car accident in Vancouver. Here are some helpful links to checklists and articles about when, where, why and how to report a car accident in Vancouver to  the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC: Report Accident to ICBC with a Lawyer VS. Without a Lawyer: Is there a Difference? Making an ICBC…

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ICBC Dial-A-Claim Operator Notes Used Against Claimant With no Lawyer

This ICBC claimant was involved in a motor vehicle accident while driving a vehicle which was insured by  the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC. The claimant reported the accident to ICBC without a lawyer and in so doing made a number of statements regarding the circumstances of the collision. ICBC refused to pay the claimant for his vehicle, alleging the…

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