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Second Medical Examination Refused but Appeal Granted

The personal injury claim involved a motor vehicle accident in which the defendant denied liability. The injury claimant alleges various soft tissue injuries and neurological or psychological injuries and was seen by one doctor for the defendant. The defendant was denied a request for a second medical examination.(Tran v. Abbott, 2018 BCCA 154) In allowing the…

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ICBC Hired Gun Rejected By the Court in Personal Injury Case

Medical Experts in personal injury cases are supposed to be impartial, independent and absent of bias. Dr. O.M. Sovio was qualified as an expert in orthopedic surgery in this personal injury case but his opinion was rejected by the Court. Dr. Sovio agreed that in the years since 2009 work for the Insurance Corporation of British…

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Responding to Your Own Medical Expert- The New World of Responsive Reports

Out of the civil rule changes in 2010 blossomed a homegrown medicolegal report (MLR) writing industry, a boom for ICBC doctors.  The Rules created a class of  “responsive” reports and “supplementary” reports with deadlines for service and strict guidelines for content. It appears only well informed MLR industry members are likely to obtain the admissible…

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ICBC Continues to Pay Dr. Grypma to Advocate and Attack Claimant Credibility

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, is a government created auto insurance monopoly entrusted with providing universal public auto insurance in British Columbia. However, ICBC has been using biased medical experts to deny legitimate personal injury claims, the following case is a recent example (Litt v. Hassan, 2015 BCSC 1920).  This twisted and tainted approach to…

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$150,000 Awarded for Somatic Symptom Disorder DSM-5

Determining the appropriate amount of money in a personal injury case for pain and suffering is and assessment and not a calculation. This assessment was made difficult in the following personal injury case when the court was forced to consider the opinion of an argumentative ICBC paid doctor (Redmond v. Krider, 2015 BCSC 178). Mindful of the…

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ICBC Medical Examinations Change for Accident Injury Litigation

When a person is injured in a motor vehicle accident and has already attended a medical  assessment set up by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, does ICBC have a further right to require the claimant to attend  more medical assessments in the personal injury lawsuit against the other driver? Supreme Court Civil Rule 7-6(2)…

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Physicians to Testify in ICBC Claims Must Understand Duty to Court

A family doctor or specialist involved an in ICBC or other personal injury claim is often much less prepared for court than many personal injury clients expect. There are many factors to consider when finding a physician including experience, location, local resources, and the like. However, an understanding of their duty to the Court will…

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In Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, Langley, and all regions in British Columbia can be an important resource for personal injury claimants. The law firm of Holness Law Group, based in Vancouver across from the courthouse, provides complete care for your personal injury claim. Whether you have had in a car accident, medical mishap, or slip…

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