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Lawsuit Against ICBC Lawyer Dismissed as Wild Speculation

This Lawyer  was hired by ICBC to defend against several car accident personal injury claims in 2002. The first three car accidents went to trial with claimant having no lawyer to advocate his case. In his submission to the court, lawyer Mr. Paul Warnett, hired by ICBC, questioned the extent to which the claimant was injured in any of the three…

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Jackie Small Succeeds in Obtaining Denied ICBC Benefits

Personal Injury Lawyer Jacqueline Small has forced ICBC to pay disability benefits denied for almost 6 years in a car accident injury case. This decision is a stinging indictment of ICBC’s systematic use of hired guns to deny legitimate disability benefits. The Supreme Court Judge called the opinion of ICBC’s doctor Sovio deficient. Dr. Sovio did not provide a clear…

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ICBC Ordered to Pay $400,000 for False Fraud Accusations

ICBC’s conduct in this case was so high-handed, reprehensible and malicious that it offended the Court’s sense of decency. The conduct of ICBC was high on the scale of blameworthiness. The defendant ICBC is a public insurance company. As an insurance company it is expected to act in good faith. As a public company, its employees are also expected…

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ICBC Accident Benefits Inadequate for Many Claimants

Voluntary payments made by ICBC to victims of personal injury is a signal that the current system is inadequate. Without ICBC advanced payments made on the basis of third party liability coverage many claimants would not be able to survive after an accident related injury. Here are 3 basic accident benefits you can expect if you…

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Shopping for the Best ICBC Injury Lawyer

It been over 20 years since I began the practice of Personal Injury Law in Vancouver and hiring an injury lawyer has diversified in that time. The decline of the Yellow pages and raise in the search engine has spawned new hierarchies for reliable information. Hiring a good personal injury lawyer for your ICBC claim will still provide the expertise…

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What to do after a Car Accident a Checklist for the Injured

First Steps After an Auto Accident If you are at the accident scene: Move away from traffic; Make sure the police and paramedics have been called; Take photographs and video at the scene before the vehicles are moved; Obtain witness names and contact information- don’t talk to witnesses about how the accident occurred; Record details…

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Increasing ICBC Injury Settlements and Court Awards- New Discount Rates

The best news in 33 years for ICBC claims and personal injury cases involving claims for future loss of earnings and costs of future care! The decrease in the discount rate for future loss announced April 30, 2014 means claimants can expect more money for awards and settlements for future losses. This better reflects the decrease in…

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ICBC Personal Injury Adjuster Must Disclose Reports and Notes

It is not uncommon for the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, to initially accept fault for an accident and then later change their mind.  ICBC personal injury lawyers assisting victims will welcome this case (Pavan v. Guolo,2014 BCSC 648) as it makes it clear that ICBC must produce all documents gathered in the investigation…

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ICBC Claims Lawyer to Report Auto Accident

With legal assistance after a car accident being critical to the successful outcome of most Insurance Corporation of B.C. claims the lawyers at Holness Law Group report automobile crashes to ICBC. As a lawyer in Vancouver I often help by first reporting a car accident to ICBC even if a client has already called dial-a-claim.…

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Best Vancouver Injury Lawyers- The Skinny on Credentials

As a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver since 1995 the top questions I still get asked before getting hired are about legal experience and fees.  In today’s article I want to address the credentials to look for when hiring a personal injury lawyer in British Columbia. Claimants looking for the “best personal injury lawyer”, whether…

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