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ICBC Total Disability Benefits

How Much an ICBC Case is Worth After Deducting Benefits

The worth of an ICBC personal injury case can be significantly changed by accident benefits received.  ICBC accident benefits are deductible from a personal injury case award against an at fault driver in British Columbia. Here are some important benefits to consider when reviewing what benefits may be deducted from an out of court settlement…

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ICBC Required to Pay Lost Wages for Delayed Total Disability

The Court of Appeal has done away with any legal basis for ICBC’s policy of denying disability benefits when total disability arises beyond the first 104 weeks  of a car accident(Symons v. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia,2016 BCCA 207 ). Long term disability benefits for personal injury claims must now be paid for future periods of…

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ICBC Accident Benefits Inadequate for Many Claimants

Voluntary payments made by ICBC to victims of personal injury is a signal that the current system is inadequate. Without ICBC advanced payments made on the basis of third party liability coverage many claimants would not be able to survive after an accident related injury. Here are 3 basic accident benefits you can expect if you…

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ICBC Claimant with Uncertain Grasp of the Law Loses Appeal

Personal injury claimants without lawyers should avoid long and unclear court submissions, a lesson from the following ICBC injury claim. This was an appeal from the dismissal of a lawsuit against ICBC for disability benefits related to a car accident which occurred in British Columbia. The Appellant went to court without a lawyer against ICBC…

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Maximum Amounts For ICBC Injury Claims

Part of my job as a personal injury lawyer often is to help claimants understand how much money they are entitled to receive from ICBC after a car accident injury.  The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is a Province wide government created insurance company responsible for compensated victims of personal injury on behalf of their…

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Zip Lining Injury Claim Dismissed Due to Signed Release and Waiver

In a Dramatic turn-a-round, on April 30, 2014, the BC Court of Appeal has overturned this wrongly decided waiver of personal injury case (Niedermeyer v. Charlton,2014 BCCA 165). Therefore the following principles no longer apply, unless changed by the Supreme Court of Canada or by statute. As of Signing a release and waiver of liability…

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