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The Best Lawyers in the Era of ICBC Minor Injury Caps

When ICBC considers your serious injury minor, private personal injury lawyers top the list of professionals that understand the ICBC minor injury cap criterion. Legal training and experience put lawyers at great advantage when tackling these ICBC claims. It is best to get independent advice before, not after, ICBC evaluates your injury as minor. Fortunately, because…

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ICBC Denied Costs Despite Dismissal of Injury Claim

When an ICBC claimant is injured in two car accidents and is at fault for the first, how does the court deal with costs? Here is what the court did recently in Brach v. Letwin,2017 BCSC 101, a Fast Track case: the claimant was not entitled to recover his disbursements where they were solely attributable to…

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Settlement Offers to ICBC in Fast Track Cases- Getting Double Costs

The settlement amount offered to ICBC and the timing of the offer is important to a claim for double costs, even in “Fast Track” cases. As a general rule, the successful party in a fast-track personal injury case is awarded $6,500 in pre-trial costs and $1,500 in costs for each day of trial. Where an offer to…

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Cost of Medical Experts and Legal Fees Awarded to Injury Claimant

This personal injury claimant, born and raised in the Lower Mainland, was awarded $14,000 for his legal costs and the defendant was ordered the pay the trial costs of the his medical experts (Mothe v. Silva,2015 BCSC 1053 ). The claimant was injured in a motor vehicle accident that occurred at River Road in Richmond, BC…

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Homemade Legal Services for Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Claim Lawyers in Vancouver When organic means more than just what you eat, legal advocate Renn Holness provides natural justice to victims of personal injury. Mr. Holness has been providing legal services to victims of personal injury in Vancouver since 1995 and has never worked for any insurance company. We only work for…

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Pedestrian Wins Appeal But no Increased or Special Costs

This personal injury Claimant was walking through a parking lot of a strip mall in Cranbrook, B.C. when he was struck by and injured by a motor vehicle. The trial judge concluded that the driver was 33 1/3% liable and the Claimant was 66 2/3% liable for the accident.  However the Claimant’s appeal was allowed and…

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$100,000 Award for Facial Scarring and Whiplash

This motor vehicle accident personal injury case required the Supreme Court to put a value on the pain and suffering for an eight year old boy with severe facial scarring and soft tissue injury. Tragically, his mother and his twin brother were killed, and his significant facial scarring had required him to endure numerous uncomfortable surgeries…

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ICBC Position on Costs Provokes Court Comment

After settlement of a personal injury case with ICBC  the last thing an injury claimant expects is another fight over the costs of the case. Well, currently the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, seems to be welcoming settlement with an iron fist by fighting costs after settlement.  In the personal injury case of Gray v. Kohnert,2014…

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An All Inclusive Offer to Settle Can Now Attract Double Costs

In this offer to settle a personal injury case Judge Funt has done away with the old rule against all-inclusive offers to settle. That is to say the Judge entertained an $250,000 all-inclusive  pre-trial offer of the defendant when awarding double costs to the defendant, changing the law and overturning our Court of Appeal in Helm v. Pattie(1998),…

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