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Loss of Income

ICBC Pays lost wages?

ICBC pays loss of income to a max of $300 per week for car accident injuries. After April 1, 2019 ICBC disability increases to $740.00 Max. ICBC deducts any wage loss benefits received from EI or a private disability plan. ICBC Disabilty Deducted The April 1, 2019 increase in ICBC disability benefits comes with a…

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Disability Benefits Deductible from Your Claim for Lost Earnings?

Disability benefits through a work insurance policy for short or long term disability may not be deductible from your client’s anticipated ICBC tort award under the insurance exception. Luis v. Marchiori,2015 BCSC 1 is good law on the matter and quotes Dionne v. Romanick, 2007 BCSC 436, at paras. 113-121 as follows: “[113] The question of whether…

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Awarded 2 Years of Future Income Loss – The Capital Asset Approach

The Honourable Mr. Justice Skolrood in Kweon v. Roy,2016 BCSC 2305  is the source of today’s article about evaluating loss of income in ICBC personal Injury claims. In Kweon the ICBC claimant was awarded $165,000 for Loss of future earning capacity and $175,000 for pain and suffering. The Court of Appeal in Ibbitson v. Cooper, 2012 BCCA 249…

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A Checklist for Future Loss of Earning Capacity Claims

The proper valuation of the loss of future income or earnings is critical to understanding how much an injury case is worth. When making a personal injury claim for future wage loss and loss of earning capacity in British Columbia the following legal principles are relevant: (a) General Duty to Compensate the Claimant To the extent possible,…

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ICBC Required to Pay Lost Wages for Delayed Total Disability

The Court of Appeal has done away with any legal basis for ICBC’s policy of denying disability benefits when total disability arises beyond the first 104 weeks  of a car accident(Symons v. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia,2016 BCCA 207 ). Long term disability benefits for personal injury claims must now be paid for future periods of…

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When ICBC must pay for Your Lost Wages and Lost Vacation Pay

If you have lost income or vacation time due to a car accident injury, the Insurance Corporation of BC, ICBC, may be responsible for paying some or all of your net wage loss and vacation pay. The following is an outline and checklist for claiming loss of wages and an explanation of the claim for loss…

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Factors for Valuing a Personal Injury Case

Understanding how to put a proper value on a personal injury case requires understanding the essential basics of estimating and assessing in personal injury law. Accidents after April 1, 2019 are subject the the ICBC Minor Injury Caps.First, the purpose for civil damages is to put a victim back in the position they were before…

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$400,000 Loss of Earning Capacity Award Plucked from Thin Air

An award for personal injury losses requires a trial judge, orally or in writing, to provide adequate reasons justifying the award. However this was not done in the following case, illustrating the real prejudice inadequate reasons can pose to innocent personal injury claimants. The injury claimant, riding as a front seat passenger had her feet hanging…

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Personal Injury Lawyer Confronts Witness But Judge Denies Loss of Business Claim

In this loss of business personal injury case (Harshenin v. MacLeod,2013 BCSC 2219) the injury claimant was injured in a rear-end collision at the intersection on Highway 3A near Castlegar, British Columbia. The injury claimant was asking for pain and suffering compensation of $100,000, past wage loss of $200,000, future loss of wages of $120,000, out of…

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