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Divisibility and Liability in Multiple Car Accident Claims

This Court of Appeal case arose from a three car accident personal injury claim. This case was complicated by numerous tortious and non-tortious incidents which caused or aggravated the chronic mental and physical injuries before and after the car accidents in question.(Khudabux v. McClary,2018 BCCA 234) A review of the trial judge’s reasons can be found at  $75,000 pain and suffering Award for…

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ICBC Denied Costs Despite Dismissal of Injury Claim

When an ICBC claimant is injured in two car accidents and is at fault for the first, how does the court deal with costs? Here is what the court did recently in Brach v. Letwin,2017 BCSC 101, a Fast Track case: the claimant was not entitled to recover his disbursements where they were solely attributable to…

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Settlement Privilege Attached to the Documents Prepared by Previous Lawyer

This was a court application to force a claimant to disclose the details of a prior auto insurance settlement (Gamble v. Brown,2015 BCSC 1873).This lawsuit arose out of a motor vehicle accident which occurred  in Surrey, British Columbia in which there was a claim for injuries and loss suffered by the plaintiff. The matter was set for a…

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Your Required ICBC Statement after an Accident-Tips for the Insurance Report

The answer is  NO  a  signed statement is not required after a car accident when applying for accident benefits from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC.  You are required to give a written report not a signed statement. As a personal injury lawyer in BC since 1995 I refuse to let my clients sign unnecessary…

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In Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, Langley, and all regions in British Columbia can be an important resource for personal injury claimants. The law firm of Holness Law Group, based in Vancouver across from the courthouse, provides complete care for your personal injury claim. Whether you have had in a car accident, medical mishap, or slip…

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How Much Should You Pay for a Lawyer to Help with an ICBC Injury Claim

The amount personal injury lawyers can charge for a legal fee is regulated by the Law Society of British Columbia and lawyers are not free to charge whatever they want. Whether the lawyer decides to charge by the hour or based on a percentage, called a contingency fee, a lawyer cannot charge an amount that is…

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Car Accident Case In Vancouver Injury Claimant Found 75% at Fault

This was  a  personal injury trial(Knight v. Li,2011 BCSC 184) solely on the issue of fault for a motor vehicle accident that occurred at the intersection of West 41stAvenue and Angus Drive in Vancouver.  It is common in British Columbia for personal injury lawyers and judges to agree that the issue of fault be decided before the…

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No ICBC Insurance When Injured in Car Accident on a Service Road

July 4, 2011-This uninsured car accident (Pierre v. Miller, 2010 BCSC 812 ) occurred on a road known and marked as the Finlay Forest Service Road. The applicant ICBC argued that the Finlay Forest Service Road fell within the Forest Act definition because it is declared to be a forest service road and because it was constructed or maintained…

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