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Completing Online Forms for ICBC after a Car Accident

After 22 years as a personal injury lawyer I cannot strees enough how important it is that ICBC claimants avoid making misrepresentations or ommisions when reporting a car accident to the insurance company. This is almost never on purpose but as a result of a hasty reporting with little or no legal advice. However, ignorance…

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Start Advocate Making Online ICBC Claim

Finally Found! We have been receiving online ICBC claims information and reporting ICBC claims since 1999 for our personal injury clients. As a legal advocate for the injured I began reporting ICBC claims in 1995, before any online reporting systems existed. Unbelievably very little has changed in the ICBC reporting requirements since the regulations were…

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Meet ICBC Personal Injury Lawyers to Obtain Legal Advice after a Car Accident

Don’t know where to find real ICBC personal injury lawyers? ICBC stands for The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and lawyers that help injury claimants make claims with ICBC are often referred to as ICBC injury lawyers. Most of these lawyers do not actually work for ICBC and will actually advocate on behalf of the…

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Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Specializing in Car Accidents- Location

I have worked as a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver since 1995 with my top-rated interest being ICBC car accident injury claimants. The City of Vancouver is home to the highest percentage of lawyers in British Columbia and is a hub of legal activity in the Province. When looking to find the right lawyer for a car accident personal injury…

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