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Patient Confidentiality in ICBC Injury Claims

In British Columbia it is assumed that every personal injury claimant is entitled to the confidentiality implicit in his or her attendance in a physician’s examining room and protection of his or her privacy on a personal matter, absent serious concerns relating to health or safety, or express legislative provisions compelling release of the information in the…

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ICBC Injury Claims include Cost of Functional Capacity and Cost of Care Reports

The Insurance Corporation of BC, ICBC,  seems to have adopted the practice of settling ICBC claims and then fighting the claimant’s necessary and reasonable litigation expenses after settlement. However, the following ICBC injury claim stands for the proposition that claimants have a duty to ensure that all areas of the injury claim are supported with…

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ICBC rejects $65,000 offer to Settle and Must pay $193,500 plus Experts Fees

In this motor vehicle accident injury case the claimant offered to settle for $65,000.00 more than two weeks before trial and that offer was rejected.  The insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, is the mandatory third party insurer for all BC drivers and in this case the defendant was ordered to pay over $193,500 plus double…

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$85,000 Personal Injury Settlement leads to Fight Over Expenses

ICBC has a statutory monopoly on third party automobile liability insurance coverage in BC and appears to be manipulating this monopoly in ominous new ways, testing our courts sense of justice.  The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia has been systematically refusing to pay for necessary medical and other expert opinion upon settlement of cases to…

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ICBC Thwarts Summary Trial in Hit and Run Injury Claim

In this continuing personal injury saga the claimant’s  left foot and ankle were struck by a rolling mounted truck tire from an unidentified vehicle, while he was riding a motorcycle on Highway 1 near Chilliwack, British Columbia(Walker v. Doe, 2014 BCSC 746). The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, was a nominal defendant in this lawsuit,…

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