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what to do after a car accident

What to Look After – a Car Accident in British Columbia

Acting correctly after a car accident can be difficult when your senses are not working properly. I have been a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver for over 20 years and I’d like to share with you 3 top things to do after a car accident in BC: First, seek medical attention – Triage by hospital staff will…

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What to do after a Car Accident a Checklist for the Injured

First Steps After an Auto Accident If you are at the accident scene: Move away from traffic; Make sure the police and paramedics have been called; Take photographs and video at the scene before the vehicles are moved; Obtain witness names and contact information- don’t talk to witnesses about how the accident occurred; Record details…

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What to do After a Car Accident

June 6, 2017-  ICBC Injury Claims advice from a personal injury lawyer with over 21 years experience. Police should be called but they do not always show up so get the name and address of the driver along with the licence plate number and name of the registered owner of the other vehicle. Do Not: argue with…

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ICBC Not Required to Help Injury Claimant make a Proper Hit and Run Claim

In British Columbia people that are injured in hit and run car accidents can claim against the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, ICBC, for their losses. There are however many limitations and exceptions as this money is coming from an uninsured recovery fund and not from an existing insurance policy. I have written several articles…

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Legal Help After a Car Accident in Vancouver and Anywhere in British Columbia

As a practicing lawyer in British Columbia since 1995 much of my legal work has been done assisting claimants after car accidents. I want to make just a few comments in this article on the type of legal assistance a claimant needs after being involved in a car accident in our Province. Lawyers to help with the first steps following…

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Reporting a Car Accident to ICBC Dial-a-Claim Will Create a Written Record

ICBC will often, through their lawyer in the personal injury litigation, cross-exam the injury claimant on any reports to the ICBC Dial-a-Claim service about a car accident. The Dial-a-Claim Representative interprets the information being conveyed over the phone and creates an internal document which is attached to the injury claimant’s file. I have found, in my…

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